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What font to use when you fire someone

What font to use when you fire someone

Ever wanted to hear the musings of a self-proclaimed ‘font geek’ about what font is best to use when firing someone? Chris Flack has put some serious (some would say obsessive) thought into how fonts can change how a message is perceived, from friendly to frightening. 

As explained by Chris in a recent Pecha Kucha talk, there are over half a million typefaces in the world. Some are very popular and overused, while others should never be used at all. But, each has a specific manner and tone of voice that affect how a message is received by the listener. Chris focuses on five different fonts throughout his talk, from the ever-popular Helvetica, to the loathed Comic Sans and discusses what each font communicates when laid out in the form of a letter of dismissal.

To hear Chris’ thoughts and discover what font truly is best to fire someone with, check out the talk here.


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